I have known Abby Leach as a peer and as a friend for several years.  I have also known her as my student and my teacher.

In each role, Abby has been the consummate professional, caring deeply about who she works with, impeccable in her ethics and honesty, and clear about her purpose in providing the very best possible service that she can.  She has a powerful gift of healing ability and helping others to heal, no matter their issue and no matter their belief system or background.  Abby adjusts her approach to meet the needs of whoever she is working with, offering them the best she has to give in each encounter.

Barbara February 24, 2016

I have been referring clients to Abby Leach for many years now.  I can see the changes that occur due to their work with her.  She is an asset to this community and I can wholeheartedly recommend her to those that desire to make changes in their lives.

Abby is a remarkable health care practitioner.  She truly listens to people and in doing so sees them in a clear way which is a huge gift.  It has been a rich experience for me to work alongside Abby with shared clients.  While working in a session together, I experience a profound depth of vision which I attribute to Abby’s presence.

Abby also facilitates shamanic practices and rituals.  Our society has less ritual today than many other cultures which is having a negative impact.  These are important practices that offer powerful support to people by creating true thresholds to re-claim their lives. I find these healing modalities to be underutilized.  This is why I believe many would be well served to have Abby’s shamanic support.

Brent Swift L.Ac Oriental Medical Practitioner February 24, 2016