Abby-BeachI offer spiritual healing services in addition to mental health counseling. Spiritual healing may include: spiritual counseling and/or prayer work, shamanic sessions, energy work, and creating ceremonies and/or rites of passage. Ceremonies may include water or fire ceremony, commitment ceremonies, memorials, house blessings, and other ceremonies specific to your life passage.

In 1999, after training with a medical intuitive for 4 years, I became an ordained minister through the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregations (SHES). I’ve studied with a number of teachers and mentors of the Peruvian shamanic teachings since 2005, mainly anchored in the Inca traditions thru the Qero` shamans of the High Andes. Other experiential training includes participating in the first sacred school of Grandmother Margaret Behan, Cheyenne/Arapaho elder, one of the Grandmothers on the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

Initiations have come through Grandmother Margaret, the Qero` shaman, as well as my teachers Jose Luis Herrera (, and Mary Blankenship (Wiracocha Institute). While studying shamanism, I participated in an intensive 4 year spiritual training which led to becoming a licensed practitioner in 2007 with the Centers for Spiritual Living. There have been a number of other mentors along my path and I am grateful to them all!

Through my passion as a spiritual counselor and healer, my joy filled honor is to help facilitate the unfoldment of your becoming.


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