Abby-CoffeecupIn 1993, I migrated to the Pacific Northwest from Wisconsin after completing my Masters of Counseling MSE degree at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. I found my home here amidst the beauty and magnificence of the mountains, ocean and sentinel evergreens, and opened my private practice in Olympia in 1995. I presently also have office hours in Seattle.

I love learning and I see myself as a lifelong work-in-progress. My interest in shamanism and indigenous spiritual traditions grew out of my love of nature. The mountains, trees and rivers are the places where I experience bliss. Playing in nature as much as I can through hiking, camping, and travel nourishes my adventurous side. I love being with friends and family creating loving and fun connections. Laughing feeds and nourishes me as much as the wisdom of the Land.

Following my own path of growth and expansion assists me in assisting you. With each of my own journeys and experiences I gain more strength and stamina in supporting you and your journey. My way is to deepen intuitive understanding by weaving various philosophies – western psychotherapy, mysticism, and shamanism in order to facilitate the experience of helping you to discover your owned healed state; ultimately leading to more joy, happiness, and freedom!

Together we can create a therapeutic healing paradigm right for you. I welcome meeting in person to share who we are and find out if we are a good match. For more information about my various services please see “services” where you can read more specifically about my approach to Mental Health Counseling and my Spiritual Services.